canson sketches

over the last few years i've clearly done A LOT of these commissions and drawings on canson paper (it's a brand of textured, colored art paper - mi tentes, to be precise) with prismacolor pencils and pigma pens... folks seem to dig'm, and it's a nice change of pace.

picking the right color to work on goes a LONG way towards the success of the piece... and no, i don't just start sketching right on the paper - i start with a tight sketch on regular old bond paper and transfer it with saral paper (like carbon paper, but white)...

i've put together 3 little color sketchbooks (4 x 5.5") for sale so far (with enough for at least volumes 4 and 5)... head over to the art for sale section for more info.

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harry potter canson paper drawings

Canson Paper Drawings 1

Canson Paper Drawings 2

Canson Paper Drawings 3

Canson Paper Drawings 4

Canson Paper Drawings 5

Canson Paper Drawings 6

Canson Paper Drawings 7