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i draw comics and other things. over the last 20 years or so, i’ve drawn a LOT of books for several publishers… here’s the list.

what i’m “reading” these days  the gunslinger saga by stephen king (audiobook) 
what i’m listening to these days  head carrier– pixies, 57th and 9th – sting 
what i’m watching these days  westworld, the flash, arrow, this old house

gone digital?

find my comics on comixology


2017 convention and signing schedule

swancon  26 aug swansea, ma

granite con 16- 17 sept manchester, nh

baltimore comic con –  22-24 sept baltimore, md

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 another 6x9 warmup sketch to ink down the road #thor #marvel
 another Pan-Mass Challenge donation sketch! #marvel hela #thor (donate here and get a print/art ) #panmass2017
 ever lovin’ blue eyed #thing... man, i’d kill (or at least maim) to draw a story with the #fantasticfour
 thinking of trying something smaller/more affordable to have originals at cons 4x5 warmups... we’ll see how it goes #thor



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